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2015.08.26 05:47


Sales Operations Internship

접수기간: 8/18~8/31


Job Posting Title: Sales Operations Internship


Job Description:

- 매월 & 매분기 영업 팀별 실적 분석을 위한  data 출력   Sales forecast 자료 취합

- 매월 주요 전자 제품의 고객사 생산 현황 취합 ( Smart Phone/Tablet/DTV/Note PC/Panels/Automotive, etc)

- 매월 Industrial market 해당하는 고객사 제품의 생산 현황 취합(가전, 의료기기, 공장자동화 , CC Camera,etc)

- 매월 반도체 시장 관련 Market information/Media clip collection

- TI 반도체 사업부별 business review 자료 data 출력 실적 forecast 취합

- 분기별 반도체 TAM(Total market Available) data DB maintenance

- Monthly revenue close call support – Data collection & consolidate from each account

- Korea End Equipment run-rate report- Collect the run-rate for Key End Equipment and update

- Korea Key industrial customer’s E/E run-rate update

- Korea market monthly report - Collect the related market news and distribute at the end of month.

- Business review data (BU deep dive in Korea or Asia BU workshop) collection and consolidation: workshop - twice a year for each BU ( PWR/HPA/HVAL/SVA/EP)

- [JaUP/ AUP/ JUP/ OUP report] - NSE/NR forecast data collection from each sales group & analysis on the changes

- [NSE/NR/Backlog report] – Update the device level data and post it at share directory not only for Sales but also for QC, FAE.etc

- Local TAM DB maintenance by coordination with individual Sales

- Disty’s New deployment data consolidation

- Annual Plan data consolidation

- HASC code clean-up for Mass market resale data


Required Basic Qualifications:

- 전기전자(Electronic Engineering) 전공 선호하나 전공 무관함

- Microsoft Office (Excel/Powerpoint) 능숙한

- 영어로 Communication 가능한

- Full-Time으로 6개월 이상 근무 가능한

- 재학생/졸업 예정자/기졸업자 모두 지원 가능


Staffing Process: 1 서류전형 2 실무면접 합격

(면접은 서류전형 합격자에 한해 개별통지 합니다)


Application Due Date: 채용 마감까지(이력서 접수 순으로 면접 진행되오니, 빠른 지원이 유리할 있습니다)

- Required Documents: Resume and Cover Letter (English) Merge all files into 1 MS word file

- Submit required documents by email:

- Subject of Email and MS Word: “TIK_Sales Operations Internship_Your Korean Name in Korean_yyyy

( e.g.”TIK_Sales Operations Internship_홍길동_2015”)

- If you have any questions regarding application, please contact CE Ko (


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