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2015.08.22 15:52


EQ. Sales Full Time Attachment (Intern)

접수기간: 8/25~8/31


Title: Full Time Attachment (Intern)


Department: EQ. Sales


No. of position: 1


Service Period: 3 months (from 21 September 2015)



1. A college undergraduate or graduate student

2. Preferred majors in Business Administration or Economics

3. Fluency in English

4. Working knowledge in Finance

5. Working knowledge of Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)

6. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic


Closing date: Deadline is 31 August 2015(Mon)


Recruitment Process: Both of test and interview will take place in Seoul office, so if you are still in overseas, please do not apply.


How to Apply: Please send your English Resume by e-mail to


Special Note: Those who graduated from College and Graduate school cannot apply to the Attachment position.

Please indicate your expected graduation date and available working period in your Resume.

Please indicate '[EQ.Sales] - Last name, First Name' to the subject line.(ex. [EQ.Sales] Hong, Kil-dong)

Please set the Resume file name as 'last name, first name' (ex, Hong, Kil-dong.pdf)


20158월 졸업예정 학생을 비롯하여, 졸업생은 지원할 수 없습니다.(재학생만 가능)

졸업예정일과 Full time 근무가 가능한 기간을 이력서에 명시해 주세요(명시하지 않거나, 날짜가 상이할 경우 불합격 처리)

메일 제목란에 '[EQ.Sales]- 영문성,영문이름'라고 명시해 주세요.(ex. [EQ.Sales] Hong, Kil-dong)

Resume파일의 이름을 '영문성,영문이름.pdf'로 제출해 주세요.(, Hong, Kil-dong.pdf)

다른 UBS 인턴 공고와 중복지원 가능

서류전형 불합격자 분들께 따로 연락 드리지 않습니다.

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