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2015.12.22 07:48

Mckinsey & Company

Seoul Office 인턴 채용

접수기간: 12/21~12/31


Mckinsey&Company, Seoul Office:

Temporary assistant to the Director of External Relations

(ER은 일반 기업의 홍보실 및 대외협력실에 해당)


Important Notice:

1) This is NOT a consultant position but a position executing the Firm’s media

strategy and engaging in public relations activities. Thus, those interested in

public relations or the media should apply

2) We are only interested in applicants who can commit preferably to half a

year’s time of work with us

(6 개월 정도 근무가 가능하신 분만 지원이 가능합니다.)

3) This position does NOT lead to full-time employment

(본 인턴직은 한국 맥킨지 공개 채용이 아니며 근무 기간 종료 이후

정직원으로 채용되지 않음을 알려 드립니다.)

4) Only short-listed candidates will be notified for an interview


Key responsibilities:

Based in Seoul, the successful candidate is responsible for monitoring news

related to the firm and in assisting the Director of External Relations in the

following tasks:

Research and analysis on specific news articles or firm reports

Assisting in planning media events

Short memo writing (Mostly in English but also in Korean)

Administrative support

Preparing media packages such as press releases


Skills required:

Good written and verbal communication skills with fluency in both


English and Korean

Computer literacy with experience in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Perform multiple tasks with minimum guidance

Ability to prioritize and work under tight deadlines

Proactive attitude and good interpersonal skills


Flexibility to work the following office hours is preferred:

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm or longer upon request

Please submit your resume and cover letter to:


Application deadline: December 31, 2015

The successful candidate will be expected to start working in January, 2016


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